Basic Drawing Session

PURPOSE: Covering  drawing fundamentals in a logical, sequential order.

This is a good starting point for those who have never taken art instruction. Also, those who already draw well, still benefit from a comprehensive approach to their art. So, whether a beginner or accomplished, each student is helped on their particular artistic level and if grading is needed (for school students) grades are based on like-age abilities.

Topics covered are below, and each element builds upon another for a good finished project.

Week 1 – Recognizing shapes & composition – It’s all in the mind’s eye.

Week 2 – Depicting form – fooling the eye with shading & shadows

Week 3 – Identifying values – Life isn’t all gray, there’s black & white, too!

Week 4 – Still life & composition – combining the right ingredients the right way

Week 5 – Landscapes & non-linear perspectig-Farmhouse Hospitalityve – It’s found even in Kansas!

Week 6 – Backlighting – Yes, do let the sun get in your eyes.

Week 7 – Finishing your final – Let’skeep it clean.

Week 8 – Matting & evaluating – Wrapping it up!


Basic:  2 pencils that can be sharpened, a soft eraser, scrap paper (printer paper is fine, if clean on one side), 1-2 sheets of good art paper

Nice, but not necessary:  pencils of softer and harder leads, a sketch pad (acid free preferred) about 9″ x 12″ in size, a brush to brush away eraser noodles

BANNED: Any color pencils, pens or markers, rulers

E-mail me for more information.











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