Art and music have always been a part of my life and I love teaching others about the joys that can been found when the artist or musician delves into these worlds of beauty and communication. It was always hard to separate the two of them.  When I was active in art in Holyoke, MA, my artist neighbor told my husband and I about a 7′ Steinway he needed out of the attic to make room for his art. I was blessed to play piano/organ for churches and also do murals and posters for church conferences under the name of Mural Ministries.

There is life besides art and music. My dear husband Glen and I have two wonderful children and now seven grandchildren. Church has always been important to us as well as our relationship with our Savior and Creator. We both love to learn. (But not necessarily the same things. I find it hard to get excited about Soil Science, he endures my love for horses).  So I teach in my home studio called “HollyGlen Studios” while Glen tills the soil of “HollyGlen Gardens.”

In my free time I play with Kansa, our border collie,

Kansa - 9 x 12 pastel portrait

Kansa – 9 x 12 pastel portrait

can produce, crochet and try to be creative in art and music.  God has been so good to me. Now through internet, I can share and connect with you!

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