The following pages contain graphite, pastel and acrylic artwork from my studio.  The subjects include illustration work for churches, commissioned work and studio work of people, animals and landscapes using pencils, pastels, acrylic and UV paints.

My Philosophy

It is my belief that artwork’s sole purpose is not to shock people by flaunting the denigration of morals but to document an event or life, illustrate a message and to inspire a rightness of the soul in the viewer.

The Studio

Promoting the studio –  HollyGlen Studios has for sale original art, limited edition lithographs and church illustrative posters (for sale) and murals (for rental).  Church artwork can be seen on the Mural Ministries tab, examples of my other work can be seen under the other tabs.  Contact the artist at 316-776-9995 for more information.

Protecting the studio – I love creation and being able to capture it on paper. I am blessed when people enjoy my artwork – but it is not right if people steal my work or plagiarize my creativity. Some of my work is for rent to churches, most for sale or are already sold. The artist always retains the copyright of creativity in their artwork unless it is explicitly signed away.

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