Artwork – faces

Pencil work in the art world sometimes can lack punch. It can also deliver where another medium distracts. Texture is the element that shines with the use of monochromatic artwork where colors often distract.  As with animals, I hoped to let the viewer see this wonderful facet of our world without having to touch. After all, didn’t our mothers always say, “Don’t touch anything!”  Well, we’ll just see it!

This is my first “for sale” graphite. It’s a take off of Edward Curtis’ photograph of a Blackfoot Indian. The “horn” hairstyle was to denote power of the medicine man and the depiction of the bison and “eagle dancer” all show aspects of their worship.

Medicine Man- 11 x 14 graphite

Medicine Man- 11 x 14 graphite

alexThe Wonderment of Alex
When this picture came on the the Christmas card from my daughter – I had to do a pastel of my granddaughter. Pastel 9″ x 12″ Private collection.

I recently joined the art group  B&W Pencil Artists & Illustrators  where the discussions and gallery of photos have inspired me as I pick up my art career (as a participating artist and not just teaching others).  Art and music occupations aren’t necessarily recession-proof, but people will tend to want a piece of art, especially personalized like a portrait, before commissioning a piece of music to be written for them or forking over money on a piano and lessons if they don’t know if they’ll like it.  (It’s sad, because music means so much to me).

Well, enough – art is the focus on this page. The following is another Indian subject from the Dakota tribe. It, like most graphite works I do, is on Bristol board using 8B to 9H leads.


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