Music Notation – Help!

Music Notation Software – A Blessing or Curse?

This month was filled with making up level appropriate tests for my piano students. Testing is so important for both students and teacher. Students have a sense of accomplishment knowing they learned another level of music. Teachers use the results to choose material that teaches the weaker areas of the student. They also can use these results to point out to the parent why it is important for their child to learn “X” in the assignment.

All this preparation is a bit time consuming at the present – all because I can never get a good musical notation program to work with my computer.

I’ve bought a program only to find out my computer (just a year old) wasn’t compatible though the box said my computer was – SUCH FRUSTRATION!

So I manually write out my arrangement and notations, scan, Crop to size, edit for clarity, then cut and paste and print out neat little problems for my students. (They did pretty good on their tests).

Probably the best software I tried recently is “Notation Composer.” It’s ease of use was good but it does look computer-generated instead of the visually better engraved-appearance. LilyPond looks so readable but seems harder to learn. Any thoughts?

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