Roots-part One

The Brookville Homestead

My husband and I had the privilege of staying with his aunt Darlene Phelps to attend the Memorial Day service held at the Mulberry Cemetery, locally known as “The Yordy Cemetery.” That Sunday night was spent hearing her tell of old times, sweet times and it was a wonderful bonding of two generations.

Monday my husband gave a good reminder of the undervalued contribution made by those most generous who fought for our continued freedoms. Afterward we drove by the old homestead whose appearance shows the neglect of the present owners due to very hard times. No longer visible are the flower beds and peacocks, pear blossoms and sheets on the lines. It was hard to find good photos of the place, but my husband’s cousin Sue Jameson came through in fine style – as usual – and I was able to document the homestead during Dwight and Irma Yordy’s years.

Brookville sketch small

First began the sketch. I used watercolor pencils. (Thank you, Celia. I love using them).

barn added-small

The time went quickly and I was rolling on when I realized it was past time to photograph the addition of the barn and trees behind the house.

The Cottonwoods on the side of the house are also started and the blush of Grandma’s roses can be seen to the right of the house.

layout complete

The tree trucks are more defined and the leaves are started. The detailing to the house is barely getting underway at this point. I am still trying to figure out how to handle the tangle of foliage behind the house.

contrast started

There is a long way to go before the contrast is set. I start by darkening the trees on the right and bushes in front of the house.

Also, shadows on the porch roof and ground are added.

The foliage around the grain barn out back is darkened along with the tree trunks in the foreground.

Brookville Homestead -Facebook copy

It is slowly taking form.

After adding more contrast with both watercolor and India ink, the painting achieves the finished look I was going for.

Here it is framed and ready for a generous aunt. Hope you enjoyed sharing this journey with me.

Holly Yordy

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