Good and Bad Distractions

Okay! You’ve been there (I hope).  There’s been enough time passed since your last notable project you wonder if you’ll ever turn out another work of art.

So, while recuperating from a minor injury,  I enjoy surfing the blogs. It sure beats the time I spent this afternoon with a shotgun in hand trying to find the dog who keeps killing my poultry. No I didn’t find it – and for your information, if I do shoot it (with the animal control’s blessing), I will probably bawl from hurt and anger that the owner is so irresponsible as to let a hound roam.  So the computer time was a welcome diversion. The photo below made me think of my sister (who hears planes above her house ALL the time).


It was posted on a blog I recently found called “Bored Panda” and some of the posts will more than floor you with the capabilities demonstrated by so many people. You need to check them out. You might want to start with the post on paper art – it’s not what you think! It’s worth copying and pasting link – some are very remarkable.

I can blame the site Jerry’s Artarama for my diversion. I was checking out the semi-finalists to their self-portrait competition ( a very arty and natural thing for an artist to do) and this was posted:

Can you guess what origami artist Sipho Mabona is going to create from the folds in this 50ft x 50ft sheet of paper?

elephant origami

via BoredPanda See for yourself here:

Of course, I took the bait – but it was worth it.  Enjoy!

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